Bangladesh National Football Team Players And Lineup

Bangladesh National Football Team : Players And Lineup

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Bangladesh National Football Team Players And Lineup

The Bangladesh national football team, known as বাংলাদেশ জাতীয় ফুটবল দল in Bengali, holds a significant place in the realm of international football. Established in 1972, the team is under the jurisdiction of the Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF), acting as the governing body for football in the country. This football federation was inaugurated in the same year the nation gained independence, marking a crucial step towards fostering the sport’s growth and development.

As a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since 1973 and FIFA since 1974, Bangladesh has actively participated in various regional and international football competitions. The inclusion of Bangladesh in the AFC Executive Committee in 1982–1986 and 1998–2002 highlights the country’s commitment to contributing to the administration and promotion of football in the Asian continent.

The Bangladesh Football Federation, despite being a relatively young organization, has played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s football landscape. The federation operates under a constitution approved by the AFC, ensuring adherence to global standards and regulations set by FIFA, the world governing body for football. The democratic election of the current Executive Committee in October 2020, conducted under the watchful eyes of FIFA and AFC, further emphasizes the commitment to transparency and fair governance in football administration.

Over the years, the Bangladesh national football team has witnessed both highs and lows in its performance on the field. The team has strived to make a mark in various competitions, including the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers and the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship. These competitions provide a platform for the team to showcase its talent, compete with regional counterparts, and aim for qualification to prestigious tournaments.

The journey of the national team is intertwined with the passion and enthusiasm of football fans across Bangladesh. Football holds a special place in the hearts of the people, acting as a source of unity and pride. The national team’s matches draw fervent support from fans, creating an electric atmosphere in stadiums across the country.

In terms of player development, the Bangladesh Football Federation has been working towards nurturing young talents through grassroots initiatives and youth development programs. The emphasis on youth development is crucial for building a sustainable football ecosystem and ensuring a pipeline of skilled players for the national team. All Best Football Players in Bangladesh best performed from their best.

The strategic partnerships and collaborations with international football bodies, including AFC and FIFA, have provided Bangladesh with opportunities to learn, grow, and enhance its football infrastructure. These partnerships often involve technical assistance, capacity building, and sharing best practices to elevate the overall standard of football in the country.

As Bangladesh continues its football journey, the national team’s aspirations extend beyond regional success. The dream is to qualify for major international tournaments, such as the FIFA World Cup, a feat that would not only be a historic achievement for the team but also a source of immense pride for the nation.

The Bangladesh national football team, under the umbrella of the Bangladesh Football Federation, stands as a symbol of the nation’s sporting spirit and resilience. With a rich history, ongoing efforts for development, and the unwavering support of passionate football enthusiasts, the team is poised to make strides on the international stage, leaving an indelible mark on the global football landscape.

The Bangladesh national football team has seen a diverse array of players who have contributed to the sport’s growth and the team’s performance over the years. These players, representing the spirit and talent of Bangladesh in football, have played crucial roles in various competitions, bringing both experience and skill to the field.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, specific details about the current squad or recent player performances may not be available. However, I can provide a general overview of how players contribute to the team.

Captains and Leaders : The team often has a designated captain who serves as the leader on the field. Captains are expected to motivate their teammates, make strategic decisions during matches, and lead by example.

Experienced Veterans : Teams typically include experienced players who have been part of the national setup for a significant period. These players provide stability, mentorship, and valuable experience to younger teammates.

Young Talents : Youth development is crucial for the future of any national team. Emerging talents bring energy, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective to the squad. These players often undergo rigorous training and development programs to prepare them for international competitions.

Positional Specialists : Football teams are composed of players with diverse skills and specialties, including goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Each player’s role is crucial to the team’s overall strategy and performance.

Goal Scorers : Strikers and forwards are particularly noteworthy for their goal-scoring abilities. They are responsible for converting opportunities into goals and play a vital role in the team’s success.

Midfield Maestros : Midfielders are often considered the engine of the team, linking defense and attack. They control the tempo of the game, distribute passes, and contribute both defensively and offensively.

Solid Defenders : A strong defense is the foundation of a successful team. Defenders are responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring and ensuring the goalkeeper is well-protected.

Goalkeepers : Goalkeepers play a unique and critical role. They are the last line of defense, making crucial saves to keep the team in the game. Goalkeepers also serve as leaders on the field, organizing the defense and providing a vocal presence.


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Player selections are typically based on performance, fitness, and tactical considerations. Coaches and selectors assess players’ form, adaptability to different playing styles, and how well they complement the overall team strategy.

For the latest and specific information about the current players in the Bangladesh national football team, including their profiles, recent performances, and upcoming fixtures, it is recommended to check official team websites, sports news outlets, or the official communications from the Bangladesh Football Federation.

Lineup : Best Football Players in Bangladesh

Football, often dubbed as the “beautiful game,” has woven itself into the fabric of nations, transcending boundaries and becoming a source of immense pride and passion. In Bangladesh, the national football team boasts a roster of players who have not only represented the country on the international stage but have also left an indelible mark with their skills, dedication, and contribution to the sport. Let’s delve into the lineup of players who stand out as some of the best in Bangladeshi football.

No. Name Position
1 Mahfuz Hasan PRITOM GK
3 PABON Molla
4 MAMUNUL Islam Mamun CM
5 Md FAISAL Mahmud
7 BIPLU Ahmed FW
8 Monjurur Rahman (MANIK) CB
9 Saddam Hossain ANNY LB
10 Md MITUL Hossain GK
11 Md YEASIN Khan CB
12 Md JAVED Khan LM
13 Md ALI Hossain CM
14 FAZLEY Rabbi DM
15 UTTAM Kumar Banik CB
17 AnisurRahman (ZICO) GK
18 TOPU Barman CB
19 JAMAL Bhuiyan DM
20 HEMONTA Vincent Biswas AM
21 Md JEWEL Rana Wing
22 Md MATIN Mia FW
26 RAHIM Uddin LW
No. (27-35) players will join the camp by 12.30pm on 21st February 2018 at BKSP
27 Abu Sufian SUFIL FW
28 NURUL Faisal DF
29 Ashraflam RANA GK
30 Md ZAHID Hossain MF
31 SUSHANTO Tripura
32 MasukMiah ZONI
34 JAFAR Iqbal FW
35 TawhidulAlam SABUZ FW


1. Mahfuz Hasan PRITOM – The Goalkeeping Maestro

At the forefront of the squad is Mahfuz Hasan PRITOM, a stellar goalkeeper whose reflexes and shot-stopping abilities have earned him acclaim. Pritom’s command in the box and consistent performances make him a key player in securing the team’s defensive integrity.


2. Md ZAHID – A Pillar in Defense

Md ZAHID, holding the position of a central defender, embodies resilience and tenacity on the field. His ability to read the game, make crucial tackles, and organize the defense showcases his importance as a defensive stalwart.


3. PABON Molla – Rising Star

PABON Molla, though still making his mark, has the potential to become a rising star. His inclusion in the squad speaks volumes about his talent, and fans eagerly anticipate his growth and contributions to the team.


4. MAMUNUL Islam Mamun – Midfield Maestro

In the midfield, MAMUNUL Islam Mamun stands out as a maestro. His vision, passing accuracy, and ability to control the tempo of the game make him a linchpin in orchestrating the team’s gameplay.


5. Md FAISAL Mahmud – Emerging Talent

Md FAISAL Mahmud, an emerging talent, brings youthful exuberance to the team. As he continues to hone his skills, Mahmud holds the promise of becoming a dynamic force in the midfield.


6. TOKLIS Ahmed and BIPLU Ahmed – Striking Duo

The striking duo of TOKLIS Ahmed and BIPLU Ahmed adds firepower to the team’s attacking prowess. Their goal-scoring abilities and understanding on the field make them a formidable force for opposing defenses.


7. Monjurur Rahman (MANIK) – Defensive Guardian

At the heart of the defense, Monjurur Rahman, known as MANIK, stands tall as a defensive guardian. His experience and ability to read the game contribute significantly to the team’s resilience at the back.


8. Saddam Hossain ANNY – Lethal Left-Back

Saddam Hossain ANNY, positioned as a left-back, brings flair and defensive solidity. His overlapping runs and defensive contributions make him a key figure on the left flank.


9. Md MITUL Hossain – Goalkeeping Depth

Md MITUL Hossain adds depth to the goalkeeping department, providing valuable competition and support. His presence ensures a robust goalkeeping lineup for the team.


10. Md YEASIN Khan – Central Defensive Authority

Md YEASIN Khan, a central defender, exudes authority in the defensive third. His aerial prowess and ability to marshal the defense make him a formidable presence.


11. Md JAVED Khan – Left Midfield Dynamo

Md JAVED Khan, operating on the left flank, brings dynamism to the midfield. His dribbling skills and creativity make him a constant threat on the wing.


12. Md ALI Hossain – Commanding Central Midfielder

Md ALI Hossain commands the central midfield, dictating the flow of the game. His passing range and defensive contributions make him a vital component in the team’s midfield engine.


13. FAZLEY Rabbi – Defensive Midfield Shield

In the defensive midfield role, FAZLEY Rabbi acts as a shield for the defense. His ball-winning abilities and distribution contribute to the team’s overall balance.


14. UTTAM Kumar Banik – Defensive Wall

UTTAM Kumar Banik, positioned in the central defense, acts as a defensive wall. His physicality and defensive acumen make him a tough opponent for opposing forwards.


15. BISHWANATH Gosh – Reliable Right-Back

BISHWANATH Gosh, holding the right-back position, provides defensive stability and contributes to attacking plays with overlapping runs. His two-way play adds versatility to the team.


16. AnisurRahman (ZICO) – Goalkeeping Excellence

AnisurRahman, known as ZICO, is the best goalkeeper in Bangladesh football team, brings excellence to the goalkeeping department. His shot-stopping abilities and leadership qualities ensure a strong presence between the posts.


17. TOPU Barman – Towering Central Defender

TOPU Barman, a towering figure in central defense, uses his aerial prowess to both defend set-pieces and contribute offensively. His physicality makes him a dominant force.


18. JAMAL Bhuiyan – Dynamic Defensive Midfielder

JAMAL Bhuiyan, positioned in the defensive midfield role, adds dynamism to the team’s midfield. His ability to break up opposition plays and initiate attacks showcases his well-rounded skill set.


19. HEMONTA Vincent Biswas – Attacking Midfield Virtuoso

In the attacking midfield role, HEMONTA Vincent Biswas showcases virtuosity. His vision, passing, and ability to create goal-scoring opportunities make him a key playmaker.


20. Md JEWEL Rana – Pacy Winger

Md JEWEL Rana, operating as a winger, brings pace and flair to the team’s attacking plays. His ability to take on defenders and deliver accurate crosses adds a dimension to the team’s offense.


21. Md MATIN Mia – Forward Dynamo

Md MATIN Mia, positioned as a forward, showcases dynamism in the attacking third. His goal-scoring instincts and movement make him a constant threat in front of goal.


22-25. Md IBRIAHIM, Md. SHADHIN, RAHMAT Mia, RAHIM Uddin – The Ambitious Quartet

Md IBRIAHIM, Md. SHADHIN, RAHMAT Mia, and RAHIM Uddin, each with unique strengths, form an ambitious quartet ready to make their mark on the field.


27-35. The Future Stars

Players from numbers 27 to 35, set to join the camp on February 21, 2018, at BKSP, represent the future stars. Their inclusion emphasizes the commitment to youth development, ensuring a pipeline of talent for the national team.


In Conclusion, The Bangladesh national football team and Best Football Players in Bangladesh, with its diverse and talented lineup, showcases the depth and potential of football in the country.


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